February 2023 marks the beginning of SK Arts' 75th anniversary year. On February 3, 1948, the Saskatchewan Arts Board opened its doors, supporting artists across the province. As we celebrate this milestone, we look to honour the past, the present and the future of the province's vibrant arts community with the We Celebrate You campaign. SK Arts asked 75 established artists to nominate one strong, emerging artist, program or training opportunity that makes the future of Saskatchewan arts exciting.

Randy Goulden - Portrait of older blond woman with short haircut smiling.

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Randy Goulden

Ms. Goulden has been a champion of the arts and tourism industry in Saskatchewan for over 30 years, working with Yorkton Film Festival and Tourism Yorkton.  Currently serving as the Chairperson, Tourism Saskatchewan Board of Directors, Ms. Goulden has also served on the City of Yorkton Municipal Council for 20 years and is President of the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association Board of Directors. An active community volunteer, she has served on numerous community, provincial and national committees and organizations, including terms as President of both the Canadian and Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association. Through her work and volunteer activities, she continually promotes Saskatchewan as the best place to visit, live and do business. Ms. Goulden believes in partnerships and empowerment, in growing vibrant sustainable arts and tourism communities.

Allia Janzen - Portrait of indigenous woman with long black hair holding a film clapboard.

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Allia Janzen

Allia is the child of Indian mother and a settler Mennonite father. She has had the unique experience of growing up in two very different worlds. She spent much of her childhood between her family farm in Saskatchewan and her grandparent’s home in New Delhi, India. Living between two worlds created complex challenges, and she found her outlet through reading and the arts.

She is a published writer, commissioned artist, photographer, and filmmaker. Her focus for the last several years has been on film and television projects. As an adult, she has made her home in Saskatoon, where she has worked in various roles throughout the film and television industry while raising four children. In 2019, she was diagnosed with complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (c-PTSD). Being a BIPOC woman with a disability has had its challenges for Allia.

She looks at these challenges as an opportunity to bring a lens to her storytelling that is authentic and honest. Her allyship for others  often those in marginalized groups – is evident in her approach to any role she fills on a production. She has worked for networks including HBO, CTV, CBC, CityTV, and extensively for major companies in art direction and directing their commercials.=. She is a co-owner and managing partner in a production company, Campfire Stories, which she shares with her spouse, Kyle Burgess, and their sons, Aidan and Justin. She produces two webisode series: Prairie Hunter Adventures and the Indigenous-led This Land of Ours. Allia is also a producer on the children’s television show Stories of the North, debuting in 2023 on CityTV. Campfire Stories currently has several projects in development.

“…extensive experience working on movies and TV shows…” – Randy Goulden

Allia became immersed in the entertainment world at a young age, watching her uncle produce major feature films and auditioning for parts of her own. As the founder of Masala Model & Talent, she has worked with many local and international producers to provide and coordinate talent for TV and movies.

Despite never attending film school, Allia’s extensive experience working on movies and TV shows has built her skills in art direction, styling, directing and producing, among many other skillsets.