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SK Arts Restores Henry Beaudry 1971 Artwork

SK Arts acquired The Buffalo Hunt by Henry Beaudry through a donation in 2022. One of the lesser-known contemporary artists of his time, SK Arts is pleased to have Beaudry included in the expansion of the collection to include more Indigenous artists. The painting was commissioned as a Christmas gift to Macknak and her late husband, Dennis, from John Warner. Sandy fondly recalls their visit with Beaudry and his wife. The 1971 artwork had yellowed discolouration due to a thick, insoluble layer of polyurethane varnish, dirt and grime. 

Welcome Reception for Michelle Chawla, CEO Canada Council for the Arts

Welcome receptions for Michelle Chawla, CEO, Canada Council for the Arts will be held in Saskatoon and Regina.

Artists Tell Afghan Women's Stories with Waterlilies Portrait Project

The Waterlilies Portrait Project, a commemorative art exhibition featuring the portrait of 19 Afghani women forced to flee the Taliban in 2021, opened at the 330G exhibition gallery in Saskatoon on August 15, 2023.