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Andrew Robertson - Canadian Artist, Shaunavon Saskatchewan - Black and white photo of a man in the distance in a field in the distance working on a a large black and white painting of a man holding a balloon.

Shaunavon artist Andrew Robertson "burning" path to success

Above a coffee shop in Shaunavon, Saskatchewan, is the inviting, cozy studio of emerging visual artist Andrew Robertson. The studio fosters art talks with strangers, commissioning and the artistic magic that goes into his work. Like many others, Robertson found his creative streak during the great pause of the COVID-19 pandemic. With 12-hour stretches of quiet time on a night shift as a youth worker, he began teaching himself to draw.

Black man at a podium with microphone making a speach. There is brick wall and banners behind him

SK Arts Launches New BPOC Program

SK Arts launched a new program for underserved artists who are Black and People of Colour, collaborating with SaskCulture, the Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan (MCoS) and the wider BPOC arts community. The program, developed through participatory grant-making, will increase accessibility and connections to arts and cultural resources by People of Colour, specifically of African, Black, Asian, Latin American, Caribbean, and Middle Eastern descent. 

SK Arts Restores Henry Beaudry 1971 Artwork

SK Arts acquired The Buffalo Hunt by Henry Beaudry through a donation in 2022. One of the lesser-known contemporary artists of his time, SK Arts is pleased to have Beaudry included in the expansion of the collection to include more Indigenous artists. The painting was commissioned as a Christmas gift to Macknak and her late husband, Dennis, from John Warner. Sandy fondly recalls their visit with Beaudry and his wife. The 1971 artwork had yellowed discolouration due to a thick, insoluble layer of polyurethane varnish, dirt and grime.