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SK Arts Celebrates Women

SK Arts celebrates International Women's Day 2023 by introducing the strong, passionate women on staff. As a whole, SK Arts team members are also typically members of the arts community themselves in one way or another. With 12 of the 20 members of staff being women, they represent the majority of the small agency.

SK Arts - News and Updates

2023 Equity Diversity and Inclusion Speaker Series

SK Arts is hosting a free, three-part virtual speakers series on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the arts in 2023. Videos of talks are available on our YouTube channel which can be accessed from the website. Click here to learn more!

SK Arts - News and Updates

Author Michael Afenfia to “Leave his bones in Saskatoon”

Despite having a background in Law, Michael Afenfia has had a passion for writing since childhood. An immigrant, he published his first novel, When the Moon Caught Fire, a fictional account of slavery, in 2010. When he emigrated from Nigeria in 2019, he wondered (and worried) whether he would have to give up his career.