SK Arts understands that the outbreak of COVID-19 and related policies of provincial and federal governments may present extraordinary challenges for artists and arts organizations in Saskatchewan that have received SK Arts grants and others who may intend to request funding to support arts activities or programs.

SK Arts advises artists and arts organizations to regularly monitor Saskatchewan Health Authority and the Public Health Agency of Canada for updated information about the COVID-19 outbreak. Conditions and guidelines are continuing to change, sometimes on a daily basis. Arts organizations will need to follow their recommendations for managing safe public programs and gatherings and maintaining healthy workplaces.

For Grant Recipients

  • For specific questions and to advise SK Arts of concerns, please contact the Program Consultant assigned to your program.
  • If an organization decides to proceed with an event, it is important to communicate with audience members/participants.
  • Track Impact – consider spending the time now to track and document revenue loss. No emergency or supplemental funds are available from SK Arts to cover revenue losses or unanticipated expenses due to the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Contingency plans – please consider contingency plans. In particular, note that artists and others depending on short-term contracts for their livelihood may be seriously affected by cancelled contracts. Consider inviting supporters to make a donation or ask audience members to make a donation in lieu of requesting refunds.

Replacement of Lost Income

Make sure you follow SK Arts social media feeds. We try to keep you updated with opportunities for emergency relief as we learn of them. We've also compiled a list of resources, which is being updated on a regular basis.

FAQs for Organizations with Operational Funding