SK Arts - Latest News - Until Spring Exhibition

Walking around in downtown Regina? Until Spring, an exhibition of artwork from the SK Arts Permanent Collection, is on display at Mosaic Tower at Hill Centre III (corner of 12th Ave. and Hamilton St.) from January 13 to April 7.

Until Spring features 10 artworks that inspire hope and patience as we endure this continuing pandemic winter on the prairies. Dating from 1959 to 2000, art includes painting, lithography, ceramic sculpture and enamel on copper plates.

Artists include: Beth Hone, Stan Day, Cara Gay Driscoll, Mina Forsyth, Agnes Gallus, Donna Kriekle, Wynona Mulcaster, Helga Palko and George E. Russell.

Photo: Donna Kriekle, Cycle of Life, 1987, lithograph, water on paper.