SK Arts’ CEO, Michael Jones, has announced his intention to retire after almost nine years with the agency in order to focus on freelance consulting work and his artistic practice.

Michael says, “I have had the honour of getting to know the Saskatchewan arts community over the past nine years, and I continue to be inspired by their work. I have had the pleasure of working with a dedicated staff and Board, and I want to thank them all for the support they have shown me through my time here. I would also like to thank the Honourable Laura Ross, Minister of Parks, Culture and Sport, for her support both of SK Arts and of me personally.”

Cory Furman, Board Chair at SK Arts, is also appreciative of Michael’s work and commitment. “We want to express our gratitude,” he says, “for the work that Michael has done with SK Arts since assuming this role almost nine years ago. Michael has become a fixture in the Saskatchewan arts community, and it will be a task to find someone who can replace a leader of his calibre. We wish him all the best in the future.”

The Board will launch a search for the next CEO of SK Arts shortly, considering both Saskatchewan candidates and people from the arts sector nationally. Michael has committed to remaining available to the agency while they conduct the search in order to help with the transition process.

SK Arts is in a strong position for this search. Our recent fiscal year saw an increase in funding from the Provincial Government and our largest grant disbursement in ten years.

About SK Arts

Established in 1948, the Saskatchewan Arts Board, now operating as SK Arts, is the oldest public arts funder in North America. We provide grants, programs, and services to individuals and groups whose activities have an impact on the arts in Saskatchewan and ensure that opportunities exist for Saskatchewan residents to experience all art forms.