Curatorial Statement

Since shortly after its inception in 1948, SK Arts (formerly the Saskatchewan Arts Board) has collected works of art and craft by Saskatchewan artists. The formation of SK Arts preceded the development of public art galleries and museums in the province. In the absence of such activity, they determined that our collection of original works of art would form the basis of a provincial collection. With the subsequent growth of public art galleries and museums in the province, it is now a significant and unique resource for institutions provincially, nationally and internationally.

The collection has grown to serve as a record of the development of art and craft in Saskatchewan. It currently includes more than 3,000 art and craft objects from 750 artists and represents the work of our province’s artists over the past seven decades. The collection includes paintings, drawings, textiles, prints, photographs, sculptures, ceramics, wood carving, jewelry, folk art, multi-media and contemporary and traditional Indigenous artworks. This includes art and craft created by emerging, mid-career and senior Saskatchewan artists. The goal of the Permanent Collection is to represent the contemporary art practices of artists within Saskatchewan for the purpose of public access.

Over the years many artists and collectors have been very generous with donations to the Permanent Collection. The collection has grown immensely through this generosity. In fact, more than 1000 of the artworks in the collection have been donated. The first artwork donated to the collection was a collage by Moose Jaw artist Joan Rankin in 1968. We welcome donations of artwork that will enrich the collection and help fill purchasing gaps. This exhibition provides an opportunity to showcase the generosity of artists and collectors who have contributed to the collection over the last 70 years.

Anyone may suggest work for our Permanent Collection through purchase, donation, or bequest.

For information on the donation process, please go to the link above or contact our registrar, Julia Krueger, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Belinda Harrow
Collections Consultant