The Arts Entrepreneurship and Business Development Course (AEBDC), presented by the Saskatchewan Arts Board and Creative Saskatchewan, is coming to Regina in February and March of 2016. Applications are now being accepted until February 3, 2016.

Courses will be held on the following weekends: February 20 and 21, March 5 and 6, and March 19 and 20. The courses will be located at the Saskatchewan Arts Board, 1355 Broad Street, Regina, Saskatchewan.

The AEBDC assists Saskatchewan artists and arts entrepreneurs to develop sustainable careers or business ventures in the province. To date, the program has been delivered in Yorkton, Swift Current, Saskatoon and Regina. This is the fourth year the program is being offered. Regina is next on the list while, right now, courses are underway in Saskatoon.

The course is delivered over three weekend sessions, each with its own focus. The first workshop is designed to give participants an improved understanding of themselves as an entrepreneur. The second workshop offers participants new insight into how to market their work, manage their profits wisely, and protect themselves and their creative products. The third weekend provides participants with the opportunity to develop a personalized road map they can follow to launch or grow their venture.

Karley Parovsky is multi-style violinist, and past participant in the AEBDC program. "The course allowed me to build the confidence I needed to place a dollar value on my art," Parovsky said. "As an artist, I know I sometimes felt that becoming an 'arts entrepreneur' wasn’t realistic - that developing a business plan didn't seem like something I'd be good at. This course taught me how to feel like an entrepreneur as well as an artist."

The challenges faced by arts entrepreneurs are often very different than the hurdles in front of more traditional entrepreneurs.

"Most entrepreneurs start businesses based on something they're passionate about. Over time, many of them discover their business responsibilities rob them of that original passion," said Karen Henders, Program Consultant at the Saskatchewan Arts Board and co-instructor of the course. "They'll push on, and often thrive, but imagine the devastating effect extinguished passion would have on an arts entrepreneur in particular. We spend a lot of time in this course discussing strategies to prevent that from happening."

Over many years, the course has integrated an innovative approach to business plans called the business model canvas.

"The canvas is a much more visual approach to business planning," said Henders. "It is specifically designed to connect with individuals who think artistically, and it helps us bridge the gap that frequently exists between arts and entrepreneurship."

Creative Saskatchewan provides financial support for the AEBDC as the course aligns with the agency's mandate.

"We work to ensure creative producers in Saskatchewan who choose to make a living with their talent receive the support they need to do so successfully," said Sherry Luther, Export and Industry Development Manager for Creative Saskatchewan. "This course shines a bright light on an otherwise dark and treacherous area for any emerging arts entrepreneur."

More details on the AEBDC, and an application package for AEBDC Regina 2016 can be found online at on our Arts Entrepreneurship and Business Development Course page.

The Saskatchewan Arts Board was established in 1948 as the first agency of its kind in North America and second in the world to the Arts Council of Great Britain. In the decades since then, it has continued as a leader in Canada and builds on this strong tradition to meet ongoing opportunities for public investment in the arts community. The Saskatchewan Arts Board recognizes, encourages and supports the arts to enrich community well-being, creativity, diversity and prosperity.