At its upcoming board meeting on Friday, October 19, 2012, the board of directors of the Saskatchewan Arts Board will welcome its newest member, Saskatoon visual artist Jasmine Calix. Calix was recently appointed by the Government of Saskatchewan to a two-year term as a director of the Saskatchewan Arts Board. She is an artist and photographer who specializes in studio art and has research and writing experience.

The board of directors is looking forward to its first meeting with Calix. "We are fortunate to have someone as talented and well-rounded as Jasmine join us on the board, and we are looking forward to the unique perspectives and experience she will bring to the table," says Byrna Barclay, chair. "Her roots in Saskatoon, a city known for its vibrant arts culture, will also be a great asset to the board as we deliberate on our next steps within our legislated mandate and the government's growth agenda."

The government also re-appointed three directors for a second term on the board:

  • Charlie Baldock, Regina: tax accountant, past chair of Board of Governors of University of Regina.
  • Peggy L'Hoir, Biggar: piano teacher and co-director of Heart of the City Piano Program
  • Lyndon Tootoosis, Cochin: traditionally trained Indigenous artist and teacher of the Battle River Cree, cultural liaison to Allen Sapp Gallery

Other members continuing on the board of directors of the Saskatchewan Arts Board include: Byrna Barclay, Regina (chair); Lorna Zatlyn, Prince Albert (vice-chair); Gwendolyn Arthur, Redvers; Dan Cugnet, Weyburn; David Garneau, Regina; Michelle Hunter, Regina; William (Bill) Klebeck, Wynyard; and Joan Quinlan, Regina.