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SK Arts understands that the outbreak of COVID-19 and related policies of provincial and federal governments may present extraordinary challenges for artists and arts organizations in Saskatchewan that have received SK Arts grants and others who may intend to request funding to support arts activities or programs.

SK Arts advises artists and arts organizations to regularly monitor Saskatchewan Health Authority and the Public Health Agency of Canada for updated information about the COVID-19 outbreak. Conditions and guidelines are continuing to change, sometimes on a daily basis. Arts organizations will need to follow their recommendations for managing safe public programs and gatherings and maintaining healthy workplaces. Review the Government of Canada’s Risk-informed decision-making tool for mass gatherings. Included in the guide are practical suggestions and best practices for holding safe events.

The Government of Canada recommends that Canadians not travel internationally and indicates anyone who returns from international travel must self-isolate for 14 days. It is recommended that domestic travellers self-monitor for 14 days after they travel.

For Grant Recipients

Replacement of Lost Income

Make sure you follow SK Arts social media feeds. We try to keep you updated with opportunities for emergency relief as we learn of them. We've also compiled a list of resources, which is being updated on a regular basis.

Artists or cultural workers whose income has been disrupted due to the closing of artistic venues or the cancellation of productions or exhibitions, even those who are not eligible for traditional EI benefits, may be eligible for relief from the Canada Emergency Response Benefit. This program provides temporary support to self-employed individuals, including contract workers, who are not eligible for EI. Among others, it provides support to workers who must stop working due to COVID-19 (either for their own illness or to take care of someone else who is sick or quarantined) and people who are not being paid because there is not sufficient work or their employer has asked them not to come to work for reasons related to COVID-19.

For arts organizations, the Government of Canada recently announced the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy, which is open to provide subsidies to companies, including non-profit organizations and registered charities, whose gross revenues in March, April, or May dropped by more than 30% in comparison with the same period in the prior year. Organizations are encouraged to examine the full range of financial support measures available to them through the federal government’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan. The Government of Canada has also announced the Emergency Support Fund for Cultural, Heritage and Sport Organizations, which provides additional temporary relief to support these organizations and help them plan for the future. The fund will help maintain jobs and support business continuity.

The Province of Saskatchewan has also introduced the Saskatchewan Small Business Emergency Payment Program, which provides financial assistance to small businesses and non-profits in the province that have been ordered to temporarily close or curtail operations, during the public emergency period, in response to a public health order to help control transmission of COVID-19. The program provides a payment to eligible organizations that can be used for any purpose, including paying fixed costs or expenses related to reopening after the public health order is lifted.

FAQs for Organizations with Operational Funding

I represent a core funded organization. Our programming plans have been cancelled or altered due to COVID-19. Will this impact my core grant?

No, core funded organizations will not be required to have replacement programming for events or activities that are delayed, changed or cancelled due to COVID-19.

Can SK Arts help us with cashflow difficulties as a result of our cancelled plans?

In an effort to assist organizations struggling with cashflow in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the first installment of 2020/21 PAOP grants will be 70% (as opposed to the typical 50%). This amount will be forwarded to your organization, as usual, one month prior to start of your fiscal year for all companies in good standing with SK Arts.

FAQs for Project Grant Recipients

Some of the details of my project – including the dates when it will happen – are changing as a result of COVID-19. Does that impact my grant?

Minor changes to dates or projects are readily approved by your Program Consultant. Contact them with the details, and SK Arts should be able to work something out.

{slider} I’ve received a grant to travel to or tour a region which has a coronavirus Travel Health Notice . I’ve decided not to travel, but I can’t get reimbursed for some or all of my expenses. Will I have to pay back the grant?

SK Arts recognizes that the outbreak of COVID-19 may present extraordinary circumstances and impact funded projects. If this is the case, you will need to explain the circumstances and the rationale in your final report. If you are unable to travel because your event is cancelled due to COVID-19 or there is a Travel Health Notice warning against non-essential travel to that region, you will not be required to pay back any expenses that were already incurred. However, if you were reimbursed for some expenses or did not use the full amount of your grant, you are be required to pay back the unspent amount.

I’ve received a grant to travel or tour to an area that is not yet classified as high risk, but I would like to postpone or change my project. Can I do this?

Minor changes to dates or projects are to be reported in advance to the assigned Program Consultant and are customarily approved. Major changes to your project must be discussed in advance with the Program Consultant.

I’ve submitted a grant request that involves travel to an area that is impacted by COVID-19. How will this impact the assessment of my grant? Can I submit additional information?

Feasibility is part of SK Arts' assessment criteria. The assessment committee will consider this information. If you have submitted an application that involves international travel and you have updated information that represents a significant change, please contact the Program Consultant. Only information that is relevant to the assessment will be brought forward (e.g., you are cancelling touring dates in affected regions, but have added dates elsewhere), and then only if it is received prior to the adjudication process.

I am (or my company is) stranded abroad and/or quarantined. Can I use the grant to pay for these unexpected expenses? Can I get a supplement to the grant for these expenses?

You can use the full amount of the grant for any eligible expenses related to the project you undertook, including unanticipated expenses. Unfortunately, you cannot reapply for unanticipated expenses and we are not able to provide a supplement to your grant.

Our return home from our performances has been delayed due to the impact of COVID-19. Where can I seek help?

Canadians who are unable to return home due to the impact of COVID-19 and require consular assistance should contact the Canadian Embassy or consulate in the region.