Arts Education

SK Arts-funded programs reach more than 350,000 children and youth.

Source: CADAC (Canadian Arts Database / Données sur les arts au Canada),, compilation of SK Arts’ funded companies for most recent submitted statistical years, May 2021.

The festival typically attracts 10,000 visitors to a park in Saskatoon each summer. During the pandemic, they went online and reached the same number of children, even sending 2,000 free swag bags to kids across the province.

This free distance education program reaches approximately 30,000 students across Saskatchewan each year.

This school in La Loche has brought in artists to serve as role models for students, to help them challenge stereotypes and build self-esteem.

Through teaching traditional, Indigenous land-based art, Holly Yuzikapi helped students on the Gabriel Cote First Nation to understand who they are and where they come from.