After the very successful pilot of our Equipment Purchase Fund last year, we've decided to do it again! It was intended as a one-time program, but our community told us they needed more support. Special funding from Sask Lotteries, made possible by our partnership with SaskCulture, means we can offer one more year of funding.

The Equipment Purchase Fund supports artists making capital purchases, something usually ineligible in the current Independent Artists program. It is designed to help independent artists at all levels purchase one piece of essential equipment for continued growth in their artistic practice. Eligible equipment is something that they will use in their practice over a long period of time as opposed to supplies that are “used up” in individual projects. For a ceramic artist, that might mean the wheel, but not the clay; for a media artist, that might mean specialized computer software, but not film stock; for performing artists, it might mean purchasing a camera to record your performances, but not costumes for a performance.

Deadline is September 19, 2022.

More information is on our Independent Artists page under Application and Information.