Inspirational stories about the Saskatchewan arts community.

SK Arts - Features

Internationally renowned artist Andrew Salgado's work has found its way home to the SK Arts Permanent Collection.

Through playwriting, Joanne Weber raises awareness about Saskatchewan's history of Deaf settlers.

Saskatoon singer/songwriter Yvonne St. Germaine shares her personal journey and helps others through gospel music.

Kris Alvarez is exploring a place where land acknowledgement and a theatre show are one and the same.

Dene High School in La Loche received Artists in Schools grants to bring artists into the classroom to serve as role models for students.

With the help of an Independent Artists grant, Kirkby is writing Untold: The Hutterite Story, a book she hopes will demystify Hutterites by explaining their history in a compelling narrative. (2 minute read)

Carole Epp's mixed-media sculpture highlights the divide of privilege during the pandemic. (3 minute read)

Biofeedback Art Collective has created a virtual art gallery to feature emerging Saskatchewan artists who have lost opportunities due to the pandemic. (2 minute read)

SK Arts - Experimentation Inspires

Amber Goodwyn (a.k.a. Natural Sympathies) translated her album into "an episodic, experimental feminist science fiction musical" with the help of eight filmmakers and 25 collaborators in total.

Meacham artist June Jacobs is known for transforming fibre into unique sculptural forms inspired by the flora of Saskatchewan. SK Arts was fortunate to add two of these pieces, SubAqueaous Gentiana I and Gems of the Salt Flat, to our Permanent Collection this year.