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Access Copyright Foundation Grants

The Access Copyright Foundation provides grants to publishers, individual creators and publishing, writing and visual arts organizations.

Events Grants: November 1
Marian Hebb Research Grants: February 15
Professional Development Grants: April 1

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Artists in Communities

Artists in Communities -- Development provides small amounts of funding to organizations and/or professional artists or arts professionals to build relationships with potential partners, develop projects or residencies, and/or research community needs.

Artists in Communities -- Projects allows eligible applicants to engage in the arts through performances, exhibitions or workshops led by a professional artist(s) or arts professional, and presented either as a series or as a single event and/or to work with an artist in the research and development of an artistic residency.

Artists in Communities -- Residencies supports community organizations to host a six- to 12-month artist-in-residence project with a professional artist, working in any art form, that involves significant community engagement components. Participating artists take up residence in a community contribute to its cultural life and the community's continual engagement in the arts.

Development: January 15, 2023
Projects: November 1 and March 1
Residencies: May 1

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Micro-Grant Program

The Micro-Grant Program provides support to professional artists and arts organizations to achieve outcomes that respond to emergent needs; create access for first-time and underserved applicants; contribute to professional practice and development; and advance the professional arts and artistic practices in Saskatchewan.

The deadline for applications is the 1st day of each month. You can start an application on the 11th day of each month preceding the deadline. (e.g.: May 1st deadline, applications accepted as of April 11th.)

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Professional Arts Organizations Program

Support to professional arts organizations and groups is directed through the Professional Arts Organizations Program. This program contributes to an eligible organization's and group's arts programs and services, governance, management, administration and operational functions and provides multi-year support.

Lite: January 15, 2021 (for programming year 2022); January 15, 2022
Core Support: January 15, 2022
Sector Development: January 15, 2022

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The SaskFestivals program supports and encourages eligible festival organizations and series presenters in the province that have a positive impact on the arts in Saskatchewan. This includes financial support for their artistic programs and services and governance, management, administrative and operational functions.

Project: October 15
Development: April 15, 2022
Established: TBA (2023)

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Photo credit: Installation view, The Permanent Collection: Walking with Saskatchewan, 2019, MacKenzie Art Gallery. Photo by Don Hall.