Artists in Schools offers schools a chance to enhance arts-related activities that are linked to educational outcomes through partnerships with professional artists. The aim of the program is to expand access to meaningful artistic activities, increase student engagement in learning, cultivate cross-disciplinary learning skills and attitudes, and foster a lifelong interest in the arts.

Artists in Schools -- Development provides small amounts of funding to schools and/or professional artists or arts professionals to build relationships with potential partners, develop projects or residencies, and/or research school or community needs.

Artists in Schools -- Projects funding assists schools to design an inquiry based project by contracting a professional Saskatchewan artist working in any art form to collaboratively engage in arts activities that are linked to educational outcomes in any curriculum K-12. Applications will be accepted in English and French.  

Artists in Schools -- Residencies funding assists schools to host an artist in residence project by contracting a professional Saskatchewan artist working in any art form to collaboratively engage in arts activities that are linked to educational outcomes.

Artists in Schools is a SK Arts program supported by funding from Sask Lotteries through the partnership between SK Arts and SaskCulture Inc. and from the Government of Saskatchewan through the Ministry of Education.


Note: Applications are now available online. They will not be accepted past the deadline date.


Jody Greenman-Barber
(306) 541-5692 (Regina) or 800-667-7526 (Toll-Free)
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Applications and Information

Documents are subject to revision up to six weeks before the submission deadline.

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Eligible Applicants

Eligible Applicants: Provincial schools, school divisions, band schools, private schools using the Saskatchewan arts education curriculum, in partnership with community groups or organizations, and professional artists.

Please review the Guidelines for more information on eligibility.

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How do I find an artist for my project?

If you do not know of a suitable artist for your project, the Program Consultant can provide suggestions and help you find one.

Why does there have to be an inquiry question?

The Artists in Schools program has adopted an action research model for the program. Action research is about learning at the local level. When teachers state a question, they are expressing what they and students would like to learn during the course of the project. Inquiry learning encourages students and teachers to engage in creative processes and develop their own questions, learning methods and ideas. This way of working and learning parallels the way artists work in their own arts practice. It also encourages students, teachers and artists to be collaborators and co-learners.

Why the partnership be established between the teacher/school and the artist?

Most effective projects come out of strong partnerships between the school/teacher and the professional artists - relationships that are genuine and where both partners plan and execute the project, respecting each others' roles.

Who is eligible to apply for Artists in Schools grants?

SK Arts invites applications from partnerships that include an elementary or secondary classroom, school or a school division; a professional artist or group of artists. The teacher/school and artist must make the application.

Are any activities considered ineligible for funding?

The Artists in Schools program is not intended to fund the ongoing teaching of the provincial arts education program in schools. For example, hiring a band instructor to teach band or a dance instructor to teach dance would be ineligible projects. Nor is Artists in Schools funding intended for the purchase of equipment (e.g. kilns, digital cameras, computers). If you have concerns about eligibility of your project activities, contact the Program Consultant.

Can schools apply to have the same project funded again?

Yes. Ongoing involvement with the Artists in Schools program increases the impact on the school and community. Most schools that have received funding in consecutive years have developed new projects each year. However, we will entertain applications for repeat projects as well. Keep in mind that Artists in Schools is not intended to fund ongoing programs that are the responsibility of a school or school division.

How do Artists in Schools projects tie into existing school programs?

Research shows that special projects in schools have more lasting impact if they are integrated into the learning program in the classroom. This means that the project fits into a broader unit of study planned by the teacher, with preparation and follow-up for the project activities. The teacher or teachers work with the other project partners in the planning, and assume responsibility for setting learning outcomes and determining where the project fits with curricula in arts education and other subject areas.

Can a teacher be paid as part of the Artists in Schools grant?

Artists in Schools projects are intended to be integrated into regular classroom activity. A teacher's participation would then be part of his/her teaching duties. If there are exceptional circumstances, such as a teacher who is also an artist taking leave from the classroom to participate as an artist, this should be made clear in the budget.

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