Accessibility Fund

SK Arts programs and services are available to everyone in the province, but some people may face barriers to accessing them. That could mean extra costs to attend our events, work in our online application system or complete SK Arts-funded projects.

Our Accessibility Fund helps people facing barriers, such as those who are Deaf, have a disability, live with mental illness or whose primary language is not English, to access our programs and services.

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SK Arts is grateful to the Government of Saskatchewan, through the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport, for their support of this fund, which is offered without removing funds from our other programs.

The Accessibility Fund offers Access Support and Project Support for SK Arts programs and events.

Access Support

For people who experience barriers:

  • creating an account on our online application portal,
  • completing and submitting a grant application on our online application portal,
  • completing and submitting an interim or final report on our online application portal, or
  • attending an SK Arts event in-person or online.

Access Support provides funds for services to overcome the above barriers. This support is available to anyone eligible to apply to our programs, regardless of whether they end up submitting an application or if the resulting application is successful.

Because Access Support funds are paid directly to support providers, they do not impact the applicant’s taxable income. Providers must submit an invoice showing the name of the individual, the hourly rate and accessibility services provided, as well as which SK Arts activity the support was provided for, and the grant application number (if applicable).

To request Access Support, contact any SK Arts Program Consultant or Administrative Coordinator.

Project Support

Individuals or collectives [1] applying for SK Arts funding in the Independent Artists (IA) or Indigenous Peoples Art and Artists (IPAA) programs may request Project Support. These funds cover expenses related to accommodations for barriers and are not used toward other project costs. They also do not count toward the maximum funding amount for the IA or IPAA programs. They are awarded automatically, based on needs and costs (up to 50% of the grant amount), if the jury funds the application. Project Support funds are not juried.

Project Support funds may be paid directly to a maximum of three independent support providers, so the funds do not impact the recipient’s taxable income. Providers must submit an invoice showing the name of the grant recipient, the hourly rate and accessibility services provided, as well as the grant application number. The invoice is approved by the SK Arts Program Consultant. If the Project Support payment is made directly to the grant recipient, the funds must be included on a T4A provided to the recipient.

There is no special application process for Project Support. Information is included with the individual’s or collective’s application to the IA or IPAA program.

[1] Any collective in which at least one member identifies as requiring special supports may be considered for Project Support regardless of whether the individual requiring accommodation is the lead applicant. Individuals or collectives without one member requiring special supports may not use this funding to increase their accessibility to audience members.

Photo Credit: Photo by Marcus Aurelius.