Can the public view work in the Permanent Collection?

The work in the Permanent Collection is available to individuals conducting research upon request, and by appointment. Work is exhibited in partnership with a variety of organizations, and is loaned to institutions for public exhibition. The Art Rental Program offers businesses and non-profits the opportunity to have works from the collection in their offices.

What are the procedures for donating or selling artwork to SK Arts?

Learn more about submitting work to the Permanent Collection for purchase or donation here. Contact the Permanent Collections staff for more information at (306) 519-7831, 800-667-7526 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Are all artworks donated or bequeathed accepted into the Permanent Collection?

No, not all works offered as gifts are accepted. Works bequeathed or offered as donations are reviewed by the Curatorial Working Group, which recommends whether or not the gift should be accepted.

Are there any tax benefits for donating work to the Permanent Collection?

Donations are accepted by SK Arts in its capacity as either a Category 'A' Public Authority, or an agent of the Crown. In both cases, there are usually tax benefits to the donor.

Can an artist donate his/her own work?


How many items are added to the collection during a typical year?

Currently, 30 to 60 items are added to the collection during a typical year.

What is the annual budget for Permanent Collection acquisitions?

The budget is one percent (1%) of the legislated appropriation to SK Arts. For example, if the general revenue fund allocation to SK Arts for a given year were $4 million, then the acquisition budget would be is $40,000.

Are there any restrictions on works considered for acquisition regarding size, media, etc.?

Work in all media is collected. Special requirements and pressures on human resources and storage needs are evaluated.

Does an artist have to be living in Saskatchewan to be considered for acquisition?

Most artists who are considered for acquisition are current residents of Saskatchewan; however, consideration may also be given to artists who have done significant work in the province at some point during their practice.

What is the purpose of the Permanent Collection?

To represent the contemporary art practices of artists within the province for the purpose of public access.

What are the criteria for inclusion in the Permanent Collection?

Artwork considered for inclusion into the Permanent Collection must be created by a Saskatchewan artist. Preference is given to contemporary work by living artists. Criteria include quality, condition, cost, and relevance to the goals of the collection and the works already in it.